Corporate & Business Services



Advice on the corporate set-up for Asia focusing tax compliance, legal and business legal requirements.

Your CFO & Financial supervisor of operations in Hong Kong and China. 

Execution of back office work such as trade Documents & Accounting in Hong Kong and China.

Product Sourcing & Quality control.

Warehouse & Logistics Services including Pick & Pack. 

HR & Recruitment.


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Port Cities Ltd.
Rm 1902, Hua Fu Commercial Bld.
111 Queens Road West,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone +852-2367-1735
PT. PCI Business Solution
Jl. Karang Wulan Barat
Semarang Tengah,
Semarang, 50135 Indonesia
Phone +62-813-2970-6795
 Our Accounting and Legal Partner  
PT. Moores Rowland Indonesia
Jl. Sisingamangaraja 26, Bundaran Senayan
Jakarta Selatan 12120 Indonesia
Phone +62 720 2605,
Fax +62 720 2606