"Odoo-Google-Sheet" for "forecashing"

Flexibility of a spreadsheet with the integration of Odoo

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Google Sheet & Odoo concept

Odoo sync with Google Sheet to easily compare Forecast vs Realisation

Actual data are logged in Odoo, insuring consistency and accuracy, then sync to Google Sheet.

Forecast are input in Google Sheet, based on past data and business plan.

Input forecash 4-8 weeks ahead

Organize your Direct Costs (COGS) per project (Customer, Contractm, Product Range) and estimate direct costs per project.

List all Operating Expenses per account type. Optionally it can be splitted by cash source (Bank account, petty cash, ...), but not advised for a first version.

Then we estimate cashflow per week.

This system is at the same time accurate (per account per week), flexible enough and easy to maintain as we can start forecast a month by duplicating the 4 previious column.

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
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One-sheet summary to control cash

Use the one sheet to control your cash on a daily/weekly basis.

Customize according to our need, here is an example:

1. Summary of account balance with last 7/30 days transaction.

2. List of all recent transactions.

3. Aged receivable by partner.

4. Forecash summary for the next 2/4/6 weeks