Automatize Employee Requests. Erase Delays. Increase Employee Engagement

The eApproval module developed by Portcities aims to help large organizations automate employee requests. You choose who can validate, approve and reject requests and delegate when they are away.

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How eApproval Works

You are a large enterprise with 500+ employees. One of your employees has requested payment of flight ticket for his work travel.

How does the head of the purchasing department determine whether to approve their request or reject it without wasting time trying to vet the legitimacy of their request?

eApproval is Portcities’ solution to manage employees’ requests easily, even in a complex organizational structure. Irrespective of who is making a request (The Requester), you can predetermine who can verify their claim (The Verifier).

Why You Should Use eApproval


Manage resources

With eApproval, you can make informed decisions before taking action on each employee’s request. Maximize resources and keep the organization transparent.

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No confusion. No asking.

All your requests are on a single dashboard. You can visualize, validate, approve, and reject requests wherever you are in the world and on any devices. 

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Save time

Employees spend hundreds of hours every year writing to managers for requests. With eApproval, the time between request and approval is cut to minutes.

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Accommodate all approval types

Requests can be categorized under different approval types and require different flows of validations. Whatever your request is, eApproval can cater to your approval needs.

Don't waste time manually validating company requests.

Experience the power of a fully automated approval solution and increase your team’s productivity.

What You Can Do With eApproval

Create, Accept or Decline Request

Easily add your employees, and they can start making any and all kinds of requests.

Easy Position Transfer

If the assigned personnel is away on holiday or sick, they can transfer their duty to another trusted employee with a click. 

Validate Requests

Your assigned employee can ascertain that the employee’s request is legitimate with the information they have.

Assign Positions

With eApproval, you can assign as many positions as are required for each employees' request. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your organization suffers from the following issues, then eApproval is the right solution: 

1. Managers are late in decision making or reviewing and approving employees' requests and because of that there are delays in the processes 

2. Managers not having the right information or enough time to review the request in detail. Our product clearly separate the approver (who make decision based on other advise), verifiers (who has access to information to check and validate), service provider (who are expert of the feasibility of the request).

3. The business is large, with more than 100 employees with many types of requests being made repeatedly

After eApproval is implemented and training is fully delivered, it is expected that you need 4 hours of a support specialist each month, and roughly 8 hours of a reporting specialist (who have right skills to produce reports) each month . Of course the needs for these 2 positions, can be outsourced to Portcities, we can provide people with the skills needed. We can also train your employees to become efficient to do these tasks on their own. 

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