Payment Method Credit

Add new Payment Method: Credit

Step 1: Create Journal

The procedures to create the Sale quotation is:

  1. Click main menu “Point of Sale”,

  2. Click menu “Payment Methods” on Configuration,

  3. Click “Create” button on the right page header.

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Step 2: Fill data to create Journal

  1. Create a new Journal "Customer credit" for payment that will be done by bank transfer,

  2. Choose type = Bank,

  3. Default Debit and Credit Account = receivable account (already created by default accounting module),

  4. Create Entry Sequence "Account Default Credit Journal),

  5. On tab Point of Sale, make sure PoS Payment Method are ticked.

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Step 3: Use Credit Journal for Transaction in PoS

The procedures to use Credit Journal for Transaction in PoS is:

  1. Process transaction in POS

  2. For using "Customer Credit" select the customer by choosing existing customer or create a new and select it.

  3. Then chose the payment method "Customer credit" (Do not forget to select customer)

  4. The system will track balance of payment for this customer.

  5. You can print report balance from menu Invoicing/Reporting/PDF Reports/Aged Partner Balance.

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