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Odoo - more than ERP

Just one software for the whole company. Odoo handles accounting, tax reporting, warehouse management, inventory, human resources, and many more processes needed to run a business efficiently.

Business consulting

Analysis your business is an important first step to make the process in your company more efficient and faster. Identifying your process weaknesses is important for choosing the right IT system for your company.


FrePPLe is software for prosperous manufacturing companies who want to forecast their demands, production plan and inventory better. FrePPLe can easily connect with ERP and you can use the advantages of both systems.


Pivot88 is a revolutionary solution to improve quality of products & services. Brings fast, efficient quality control and simple data analysis. Since it is a cloud-based solution, you get access your data anytime from everywhere.

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Sales, Marketing & E-commerce

Create E-shops, CRM, and sales orders. Invoice created with just one more click!


Timesheets, project management tools and many others will help you increase your productivity.


Material requirements planning (MRP), maintenance, product lifecycle management (PLM) and quality control as one, integrated solution.

Supply chain & Logistics

Efficient management of your stock, suppliers and purchase orders has never been easier.


easy and reliable Module, in accordance with the laws and regulations in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Human Resources

Automate payrolls, leaves and expenses with Odoo and improve the work efficiency of all stakeholders