2020 - Consulting Customer

Scoring Guidance

1    =    Belum mampu membina diri sendiri untuk melaksanakannya

2    =    Mampu membina diri sendiri untuk melaksanakannya, memiliki kemampuan untuk merespon, menindaklanjuti, mengaplikasikan kemampuannya

3    =    Mampu membina timnya/unit kerjanya, menganalisis permasalahan, menyusun rencana kegiatan, melakukan eksekusi dan pengendalian terhadap pelaksanaan kegiatan untuk meningkatkan kinerja timnya/unit kerjanya

4    =    Mampu membina unit kerja/departemennya, menyusun rencana dan melakukan tindakan strategis, mengevaluasi, dan menindaklanjuti hasil kegiatan untuk mengembangkannya

5    =    Mampu membina perusahaan, mendorong perubahan dalam perusahaan, serta mampu merumuskan rencana dan sasaran strategis jangka panjang terkait dengan visi dan misi perusahaan

1    =    Unable to foster oneself to do the job

2    =    Able to foster oneself to do the job, have the ability to respond, to followup, and to apply theirs

3    =    Able to foster his/her team/work unit, analyse the problems, prepare activity plans, execute and control the implementation to improve the performance of his/her team/work unit

4    =   Able to foster his/her team/work unit, prepare activity plans and take strategic actions, evaluate, and followup its result to improve his/her team/work unit

5    =    Able to foster the company, drives the change in company, and able to formulate long-term strategic plans and target related to the company's vision and mission

Able to analyze relation of every problem, cause and effect, strength and weakness, risk and consequences of an action *

Able to compare various alternative of action and the implication, and choose the best alternative based on systematically data analysis *

Able to set working priority based on the level of importance *

Able to provide solutions for fulfil customer needs or problems *

Able to obtain data and information clarity of the tasks and expected results *

Re-check work results on the given task *

Monitoring the work of a project related to the deadline *

Make sure the task is completed in accordance as customer requests and refers to quality standards and time accuracy *

Work thoroughly and carefully, also minimize making mistakes *

Re-checking the work result with reference to the existing quality standards (according to procedures) and timeliness accuracy *

Maintain commitment to the quality of work result so it can be well received by customers *

Responsible for his work result and willing to fix the bugs or mistakes if founded even though the process is uninvoiceable *

Discuss with other parties related to the assignment to align the interests *

Use existing information to minimize obstacles in reaching the agreement *

Influence and convince others about his/her views in a good way and see from various perspectives *

Consider the thoughts and views from others in reaching mutual benefit agreements *

Able to convey the information, thoughts or opinions in a clear, concise, and precise also logical way using appropriate media *

Active listening to others, capturing and interpreting messages from others, and respond accordingly *

Able to convey sensitive or complicated information in a proper conduct and in the right conditions so that other parties could understand *

Integrating important information from discussions with other parties to get the same understanding *

Participate as part of a good team by taking responsibility for their tasks and supporting team decisions *

Collaborate effectively in formal and informal interactions to create a synergy *

Helping others in completing their tasks to support team goals, for a team leaders also accountable for team performance results, see team weaknesses and anticipate possible obstacles, and find the right solution *

Take a role and accountable in increasing team effectiveness by giving higher priority to the team goals *

Set realistic goals and plans, estimate time and monitor the progress of the task *

Store datas and records regularly and systematically by using the right process and procedures to manage work *

Divide the work into more specific tasks, set priorities, and optimize time usage and available resource to achieve defined result *

Identify the obstacle might arise and make alternative solutions as an anticipation *

Prepare and adjust presentation materials based on audience need *

Mastering the content that will be delivered and able to describe his/her views and ideas systematically, organized with confidence *

Simplify the understanding by providing interesting and relevant examples *

Lift up the atmosphere by involving the audience and answering difficult questions properly) *

Having an understanding of business operation (business process) and financial aspects of the organization, starting from business objectives, business services, and various forms of parameter according to required business planning *

Continues updating the customer business information and priorities, including information about new technologies and best practices *

Able to see the opportunities that impacting to the work effectiveness and companies profits *

Create solution recommendation based on knowledge and experience to handle the customer needs and problems *

Do you think this Employee deserve to jump to the next level (e.g. E3,E4,E5,etc)? Explain the reason

Areas in which Employee are good at : *

Areas in which Employee are to be improved fast : *

Final Score : *

Comment/Suggestion from your final score : *