[Consulting] PM Appraisal


Questions with Numeric OptionsĀ 
Fill the score that you think is the most appropriate for the question:
1 - strongly disagree
2 - disagree
3 - neither agree nor disagreeĀ 
4 - agree
5 - strongly agree

Questions with Multiple Line textbox
Put your answers or comments depends on the question

Final PM Score
1 - Poor
2 - Lower than Average
3 - Average
4 - Good
5 - Excellent/Outstanding

Employee proactively communicates to PM should there's any changes/problems (deadline, budget, stuck, etc) on the projects/tasks to prevent the risk of clients' dissatisfaction. *

Employee follows company processes and work methodology (relevant to position, based on Guidebook). *

Employee is responsive in any communication channel available *

Employee has good analytic thinking and is able to analyze business process issue *

Employee has good Odoo knowledge (for his/her level) and is able to propose Odoo solution *

Employee is able to create good documentation (FRD, User Guide, UAT Scenario, etc) *

Employee is able to conduct good Functional Quality Control

Frequency of Employee meets budgets *

Frequency of Employee meets deadline *

Frequency of Employee delivers a complete or good quality job *

Employee is able to manage his team (able to delegate task based on his sub-ordinate capability) *

Employee is able to encourage his team to give the best performance *

Employee is able to review (QC) the sub-task of his subordinate and give good feedback to improve the performance *

His/her team work happily under his lead *

Employee is a good team player (able to work with team perfectly). *

Employee has appropriate Odoo knowledge for his/her position. *

Employee is willing to go to client when asked

Employee always ready and accept any type of task? (never reject assignment) *

Employee has appropriate business process knowledge for his/her position. *

Do you think this Employee deserves to jump to next level (e.g. E3, E4, E5, etc)? Explain the reason

Areas in which Employee are good at: *

Areas in which Employee are to be improved fast: *

Final Score *

Comment/Suggestion from your final score *