Employee Self-Appraisal - Q1 2019


2). I am satisfied with my workload.

3). I am happy to come to work.

4). I have a good time management.

5). I encourage team work.

6). I am satisfied with my communication with colleagues.

7). I have learned new skills/knowledge.

8). I have necessary Odoo knowledge for my position.

9). I know my goals for the next quarter.

10). My coach is fulfilling his/her responsibilities towards me.

11). Goals I achieved last quarter:

 Next set of questions are open questions. Answer honestly and if you don't have an answer, say it in the answer box.

12). Activities I am happy I did last quarter:

13). My most challenging issues for the last quarter:

14). Things I would like to see changed in PCI:

15). I want to improve in:

16). Space for anything you would like to comment: