Employee Self-Appraisal Q3 2019

I feel satisfied with the result of my work *

I'm happy and motivated to come to work *

I am willing to do things that are beyond my duties *

I have necessary technical/functional Odoo knowledge for my position *

If I didn't understand or I had a problem with my task/job, I'll try to find out the solution by myself before I ask my coach or my peers. *

I have a professional work attitude *

My priorities are always well defined in my daily plan *

I never give up when I have an issue and will try to find the solution whatever the cost *

I always finish my task on schedule *

I always do the best for my customer *

I'm able to say no to a customer *

My future is clearly define within Port Cities *

I'm able to share my opinion to my peers or my coach, in order to help them solving their problem *

I'm a good team player *

I have the eager to continuously improve my skill and my knowledge *

I appreciate my subordinate and my peers if they help me to do something, at least by saying thank you *

I am a good coach (for coach) ; I have the potential to be a good coach or leader (for staff) *

Milestone/Goals that I've achieved last quarter *

Things I would like to see changed in PCI *

I want to improve in *