Functional Odoo Test - Q1 2018

1. In Odoo 11, I can edit a picking that is validated:

2. How the forecasted quantity is computed ?

3. In Odoo 11, A product A has a QOH of 30 units and a customer set. This product has a reordering rules: Min quantity = 25 Max quantity = 80The user creates a picking of 25 Product A and save it.

4. In Odoo11, I can analyze the quants of a consumable products

5. In a real time accounting, I’ve set a stock valuation account in the Product category, Product and in the Location. Which one will be applied?

6). When the stock decrease the inventory account should be credited.

7). The Balance sheet of a company is a summary of your income and expenses over a period of time

8). In a multi currency system, the account currency must be set on all the account.

9). The dropshiment is a feature in Odoo allowing you to ship your product at a different price than the price set in your pricelist

10) In Odoo 11, is it possible to deliver more quantity to the customer than the quantity set in the Sales Order.

11). In Odoo11, you can print voucher allowing your customer to get discount at the time of the next purchase.

12). In Odoo11 POS Restaurant: In the case that we have several customers on the same table, it’s possible to move one of this customer to another table through the POS.

13). The Work orders are created based on the procurement of the BOM

14). There is 3 types of Manufacturing Order in Odoo11:

          - Bundle
          - Kit
          - Manufacture this product / Standard BOM

          15). In Odoo 11, the timesheet reminder is a default setting