Management Test - Q1 2018

1. The main value for our customers lays mainly in the initial implementation of an ERP system. *

2. The customer changes scope but the budget stays the same, it’s not necessary as a project manager to inform the account manager *

3. The customer complains about the budget, the Project Manager tries to resolve the issues without the Account Manager *

4. During the project, project management part of the document is updated every week by AM. *

5. The Detailed Scenario Overview is the document containing all scenarios customer expects from ERP with brief description. *

6. All Key Results need to be fully planned when starting a projects.

7. It’s allowed to do development during the prototype phase.

8. If a product tasks has no child tasks, the product task is incorrectly planned

9. If the customer is no feedback on developed features, it is sufficient to do 1 final UAT session

10. Before creating a product task a separate task for analysis has been completed

11. We start the Go-Live Planning during the Development Phase

12. Hardware Infrastructure Analysis should be only done during the BA process

13. Debate and constructive conflict or dispute help to move forward. It’s a needed short term pain that make tomorrow better. We don’t wait to share or highlight issue, even if it is not needed.

14. The invoicing model for Server subscription is on monthly basis: each month the system generate the invoice that need to be validated by the AM team and sent to the customer with the weekly invoice.

15. To minimize the risk of non payment we use downpayment for every Sales Order under 150 Juta.