Peer Appraisal - Q4 - 2019

Rules of Appraisal

Scale of Answer :

a. Numerical Value Questions :

    1 : Strongly Disagree;  2: Disagree;  3: Agree;  4: Strongly Agree

b. Final Score (scale 1-10) :

   10: Impressive;  9: Delivers expectations of superior level;  8: Above Expectations;  7: Fully         meets expectations of position;  6:  Average Performance;  5: Below Expectations;                       4: A change is required;  3: Urgent change is required;  2: Management discussion needed;       1: Immediate warning to be sent

He/She is always take his/her task seriously *

He/She has willingness to do things that are beyond his/her duties *

He/She loves his/her job *

He/She had initiative when dealing with his/her job *

He/She has a professional work attitude *

He/She knows what to do everyday *

He/She has the best solution/idea about solving a problem *

He/ She always finished his/her job ontime *

He/She works fast *

His/her customer appreciates him/her *

I believe he/she will stay a long time in Port Cities *

He/She wants to listen to my advice *

He/She is a good teamplayer *

He/She is eager to improve his/her skill and knowledge *

He/She is really polite and appreciate by all of his/her colleague *

He/She has a potential to be a leader *

My opinion about his/her work attitude

My opinion about his/her personality

Things I like him/her to improve in