Project Manager's Coach Appraisal

1. PM makes sure to deliver the solution which is best for the customer. *

2. PM manages the clients' project risks to assure customer satisfaction. *

3. PM manages the clients' side to deliver on their part of the job. *

4. PM has a professional work attitude at office and when at the clients' location. *

5. PM delivers consistently high quality work. *

6. PM is perceived by other employees as a high quality individual. *

7. PM understands the trade-off between listening to customers' demand and proposing a lean solution. *

8. PM dares to stand-up and escalate situations when they are in breach with our company values. *

9. PM is open to listen to different perspectives than his own. *

10. PM is able to make the important decision right. *

11. PM understands his priorities and delivers on those priorities. *

12. PM knows his responsibilities and acts on them indepentely. He does not need to be controlled. *

13. PM is committed to deliver projects on time, within budget and with quality. *

14. PM actively clarifies his path within Port Cities. Shows he/she wants to achieve within the organisation. *

15. PM is continuously improving in his role at a healthy pace. *

16. PM is supporting his peers to be better versions of themselves. *

17. PM is reporting in a clear and honest way about situations he/she encounters. *

18. PM is transparant in his/her plans and their execution. *

19. PM is a teamplayer. He/she listens to his teammembers and shows appreciation. *

20. PM is fulfilling his job in a way to contribute to the long-term company success. *

21. PM wants to succesfully deliver his projects and make sure to continue the customer relationship. *

22. PM creates a positive vibe in the group, celebrates success at the end of the project. *

Final score *

Explanations of final score *