Quarterly Subordinate Appraisal

I have meetings with your coach once a week *

My coach has enough skills and knowledge to support me *

My coach is available to help me when needed *

My coach provides advice/assistance when I cannot finish tasks on time *

I trust my coach to support me as best as possible *

My coach knows my strengths and weaknesses *

I am satisfied with the way my coach is working with me *

I discuss my career with my coach periodically *

My coach explains requirements clearly and makes them easy to understand *

My coach is following my tasks daily *

My coach explains the reason behind every task *

I know on which criteria my job will be evaluated *

I know every day what is my top one priority *

My coach explains clearly the job (requirements), goal (purpose) and objectives (key results) to me. *

My coach helps me schedule and prioritize tasks *

My coach is helping me develop myself *