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1. When you add an item in Sales Order, you get this warning. Which statement below is correct?


2. Can we add a new item to a Confirmed Sales Order?

3. Read these statements of Sales flow and decide which answer is correct:


4. When we create new Employee, Odoo will automatically create new User for it.

5. We can generate employee Payslip directly after creation of new employee.

6. We can’t create two leaves that overlap on the same day.

7. We always need approval to change Request for Quotation to Purchase Order.

8. Each Vendor Bill is only related to one Purchase Order

9. Vendor list of products will be automatically added to Request for Quotation every time we create it


10. If we choose IDR as our base currency and we want to use USD currency as well, we need to set the exchange rate of IDR to USD. With current exchange rate USD to IDR = 13.000. What amount should I input in USD and IDR rate?

11. A customer needs to change structure of Profit and Loss report. What we can do to help them?

12. What account always needs to be set in order to Allow Reconciliation?

13. From what you know about Account Receivable and Payable, choose the WRONG statement:

14. PoS Product category will be the same as base Product Category.

15. All saleable products will automatically be displayed in PoS.

16. I start a session of PoS and record all sales transactions. Then suddenly my internet connection is off. Can I continue to record orders or I cannot do anything and should write transactions manually by paper?

17. Will product with type Consumable always be Available?

18. Can we cancel Delivery order which is already Validated (Done)?

19. Which of the statements below about Inventory Levels is NOT correct?


20. It is possible to produce more than one finished product for each Manufacturing Order?

21. It is possible to create different versions of one specific Bill of Materials.

22. There’s possibility to manage production which will be processed by other manufacturer.

23. This gantt view is only available in Enterprise version.


24. Each time we create a new Project, Odoo will automatically generate one Analytical Account.

25. Which one of these statements is incorrect

26. We setup two companies and we have a Sales Manager who is in charge to manage sales of both company. What is the best practice to create user access?

27. As we know, if we create a new user with proper email address, it will automatically generate new contact (partner) with same Email address. If we change email address on user, will it also update email of related partner?

28. If a user forgets password of his Odoo account, the only way to reset it is to ask Administrator to set new password on Users form.